Since creativity and personalization are at the heart of the work I do, it only makes sense that my service offerings would be the same. What does your space need? I’m here to help!


One-on-one consultation — 2 hour meeting on-site, over FaceTime or Skype. We’ll kick things off by discussing your challenges or frustrations, as well as your ideas or hopes for the space. I’ll ask questions and make recommendations until we arrive at a cozier space that is functional, intuitive, lovely and a true reflection of you. (Typically we also move around furniture or decor, simplify and redecorate with things you already own.) $100


Personal shopping — Once we’ve problem-solved your space, I’ll put my eye to work for you, securing the perfect, budget-friendly items to cozy it up! $40/hr + shopping budget

Online research — Want to do the shopping yourself? No problem! I’ll happily do online research and send ideas and links your way. We can even create a special Pinterest page to compile only the best inspiration! $35/hr

Additional consultations or on-going services will be estimated on a case-by-case basis.

Event planning — Whether you’re hosting an intimate dinner party or a massive wedding, I want to help you pull off the sweetest, most inviting event possible. Let’s create a hygge-infused environment loaded with special, personalized details your guests will remember forever. Estimate based on scope of project.